International Commercial Law

Lönnquist & Co Advokatbyrå is a member of the Galexy International Association of Lawyers. It is an association of lawyers in various countries which enables Lönnquist & Co Advokatbyrå to have excellent contacts with law firms in e.g. Germany, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Please visit for more information.

Lönnquist & Co Advokatbyrå also has a long-standing relationship with the American law firm Holland & Knight. The reason for this is that Attorney Anders Lönnquist previously worked at Haight, Gardner, Poor & Havens in New York, which subsequently merged with Holland & Knight.

Holland & Knight is a full-service firm specialising in commercial law with more than 1,000 lawyers and 20 branches around the United States.

Through our extensive network of contacts, Lönnquist & Co Advokatbyrå is able to assist your business in international legal matters.